Wade Barker

CEO/CSO, US Army Retired

US Army
Wade's military career (Enlisted and Officer) included, special operations, demolitions (land and sea), Engineer, Infantry and Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED). His tours in Iraq and Afghanistan were in leadership and SME roles from senior C-IED and counterterrorism advisor to FORSCOM to commanding the first C-IED Company (Conventional) in the Army.

Research Analyst II, Georgia Tech Research Institute
One of Wade's first assignments at GTRI was senior C-IED and Counter-terrorism adviser for the city of Atlanta's counter-terrorism committee. Consisting of FEMA, FBI, Georgia Emergency Management (GEMA), Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta city/county/transit police, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and all first responders. Simultaneously he was able to continue his work in remotely operated combat vehicles and complete the next generation of remotely operated ground combat vehicles. In support of JIEDDOs efforts Wade conducted red/blue team gamming of potential JIEDDO projects, assessed worldwide potential for terrorist attacks and supported Counter Radio Electronic Warfare (CREW) upgrades to defeat the next generation of Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs). Wade finished his time at GTRI as a senior field engineer (Afghanistan) on the Aerostat (Tactical helium balloon for base security) and Enhanced Crosshair (Mobile closed loop 4G digital network for combat) programs.

Christopher Haile

Director of Engineering

Christopher Haile is a mechanical engineer with Georgia Tech Research Institute and The Tisdale Group. He holds a Master's (2014) and a Bachelor's degree (2009) in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been employed with GTRI since 2009 and consults with Guided System Technologies, Nyx Optics, and The Tisdale Group. He has extensive experience in component design and modeling, testing, and program management.

He has worked on a variety of design challenges including component packaging for ground and air vehicle based systems (high-power electrical, electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR), and radio frequency), electro-optical soldier mounted systems, non-contact rail gun thermal measurement, wind tunnel test systems, and complete trailer based aerostat systems.

He is skilled in the use of Solidworks Simulation, AutoCAD, MATLAB, and LS-Dyna and has experience performing finite element analysis (FEA), computational flow dynamics (CFD), and hydrocode analysis. His work with FEA modeling includes static structural, modal, steady-state thermal, and transient thermal analysis. Additionally, his modeling application includes CFD flow optimization of internal (heat exchanger) and external flows (aircraft pod) for thermal, structural, and harmonic effects, as well as high deformation rate blast and forming analysis. His test experience includes laboratory experiments addressing vibration, environment (temperature, altitude, humidity), and component failure.

His field testing experience includes live fire ordinance and armor testing as well as system evaluation and characterization for persistence surveillance and counter-threat systems. His engineering duties also include program and personnel management. He is currently the vibration lab manager at GTRI's Cobb County facility. He is directly responsible for design and procurement of fielded systems, including trailer based aerostats and multiple-occupant mobile shelters.